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Most Agencies Will Waste Your Marketing Budget. So we created agencies that won't.

Flat rate pricing, talent you can trust, and fast delivery. 

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Made by founders for founders - we understand the nervous feeling of not knowing if your marketing budget is delivering the maximum results. Our experts ensure you will get the best bang for your buck.

Budget Friendly

A full team of experts for less than hiring and training one person.

Fixed Pricing

No contracts ever and you can cancel anytime you need to.

Top-Tier Talent

Only the best marketers, designers, and strategist working for you.

On-Demand Meetings

You can request meetings with our team when you need to.

Monthly Reports

You will receive our custom reports if your project requires it.

No Hidden Fees

You never have to worry about any hidden fees with us.

How It Works

  • 01Fill out our simple application to tell us your goals, current setup, budget, and timeline.
  • 02Our team will then setup your website, ads, and have your marketing campaigns running in just weeks.
  • 03Each month we will provide reports and revise your ads until you get the results you desire.
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No commitments. No fluff. No wasted time.

Complete the form and our team will be in contact shortly.
  • Flat rate pricing.
  • Super fast delivery.
  • Budget friendly.
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Experts You Can Trust

Our team of growth strategists boasts are some of the best, demonstrating our expertise in effective advertising strategies.

Minimal risk

No lengthy contracts here – feel free to leave at any time. All our efforts and results are yours to keep.

Great Customer Support

We uphold a rigorous standard in our customer support.


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Vote Winners

Win customer’s hearts with artificial intelligence-driven campaigns tailored to personalizing ad campaigns, products, and customer experiences.


Natural Mystic

Natural Mystic is a creative and advertising firm with a focus on the cannabis industry, dedicated to assisting growers and dispensaries in establishing and elevating their brands.


Sample Distro

Revolutionizing event sponsorship, our platform seamlessly connects sponsors with access to a diverse range of multicultural events, offering unparalleled opportunities for strategic product placements.


Mogul Lab

Mogul Lab is a cutting-edge research firm that delves into providing comprehensive insights into the intricate dynamics of how multicultural audiences engage, live, shop, vote, and make decisions.


Sisterhood League

Sisterhood League is a dynamic creative agency specializing in crafting impactful branding strategies for female athletes, celebrities, and executives. Elevating the presence and influence of women in various fields through innovative and tailored brand solutions.

What We Do

Marketing & Branding

  • Brand Guidelines (logos, merch design, fonts, etc)
  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Digital Advertising (Facebook, Google, TikTok)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Out-of-Home Advertising (Billboards, Bus, Events)
  • Social Media Marketing

Content Production

  • Photo and Video Production
  • Podcasts Recording
  • InBound Marketing (blogs, testimonials, etc)
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Copywriting
  • Product Placements

Strategy & Innovation

  • Business Development
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Growth Hacking
  • Big-Box Retail Partnerships

Product & Experiences

  • User Interface Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Product Prototyping
  • Customer Journey Optimization



Will Cultural Relevance Be Creating Ads for Me?

We also offer creative production services. As part of your monthly subscription, our team can generate up to 5 creatives per month. Additional creative production beyond this allowance is available for an additional fee, tailored to your specific requirements.

Do We Support Custom Tracking?

We leverage several tools to fuel our analytics and reporting system. However, we take care of the integration process, ensuring a seamless experience for you without any hassle.

Do I Need to Have Analytics & Tracking Setup Already?

Ideally, tracking should be in place when we commence our collaboration. Yet, recognizing that many early-stage startups may require assistance in this aspect, we offer support. For teams with in-house engineers, we provide strategic guidance and comprehensive, step-by-step guides for them to implement. Alternatively, we can handle the tracking setup for you at a one-time additional fee of $1,500.

Is Working with CR Cheaper Than Building My Own Team?

By choosing us, you receive a VP-level strategist, experienced media buyers, analytics, and creative production support – all at a significantly lower cost. Building the equivalent in-house team would require 2-3 times the expenditure, not to mention the time and additional overhead costs associated with recruitment, onboarding, benefits, payroll tax, and more.

What Type of Clients CR Agencies Work With?

Our agencies are designed for B2B, B2C, or D2C startups spending more than $10k/month on paid marketing.

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