Designing a Mogulverse to Thrive & Do Good.

Why a Mogulverse?

Predictions of a recession, political divides that separate even families, and nuclear threats of starting another world war – the future is becoming too negative, and a balance is necessary to restore the hope of a better future. In the spirit of Francesca Cabrini, we must reignite an Empire of Hope that gives voice to the voiceless, dignity to those viewed as the least, and a spirit of confidence to walk boldly into a brighter future. 

Mogulverse is creating an Empire of Hope by developing platforms & a community that empower those who will return the favor and empower others. We are excited to see the charities and lives that will be changed forever by the Mogulverse.

Creating a Winning Strategy for Mogulverse

After much deliberation, the Cultural Relevance team decided to lead the winning strategy of Mogulverse with the tagline Thrive & Do Good.

The Thrive & Do Good tagline communicates Mogulverse vision of creating a “digital village” that allows everyone to discover platforms that help to monetize their talent, connect through events with like-minded thinkers, and give back to humanity by donating to organizations helping those in need.  

Key Features of Mogulverse Website

mogulverse screenshot thrive and do good
Click the image to view the Mogulverse website

Cultural Relevance as the Agency of Record

Cultural Relevance is tasked with Mogulverse’s brand guidelines, marketing, social media, and strategic vision. We are excited to explore the vision of creating one of the world’s largest charitable organizations and a lasting legacy of goodwill that will inspire humanity for centuries.

mogulverse charity donation
Mogulverse Charity Donation App by Cultural Relevance

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