Let's get you from idea to IPO and beyond!

Let us help you take your brand to new heights.
For 6 months we'll work you with everything from creating a growth model, marketing, supply chain, and everything in-between.

Incubator LaunchPad Application

LaunchPad Application

How It Works


Tell us about your company, team and vision so we can identify how we can help. We will schedule a video call to provide you with feedback to strengthen your ideas.

Get Approved

After the call we will send you an acceptance email if we are interested. We then start working on your legal structure, trademarks, marketing, and other core assets.

Execute Growth Plan

Our team will then start implementing the growth plan, as well as, setup weekly meetings to go over sales, strategy, ad campaigns and more.

Road to Exit

After a growth plan has been in effect and the company is growing, we will help with auditing and other core elements to help you set a plan to go public.

Access Our Coaching, Capital & Community.

For 6 months, Cultural Relevance offers our marketing and strategy services to multicultural brands to help them grow. During these months we help with everything from business models, branding, marketing and capital to take your companies to new heights.

After the months of development and growth we then showcase your company to our investor syndicates knowing that your company is ready for massive growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does support end after the accelerator period?

No. Free services might end, however, you’re now apart of the family and we will support you through the entire evolution of your growth.

Can I come to the office?

Office visits are usually reserved for client meetings and training. We like to keep the office closed to the general public.

Do I need to incorporate before applying?

No. Come just as you are!

Is a NDA involved?

No. In rare cases involving disclosing patented information an NDA might be signed. However, in most general purpose cases we will not sign one due to the nature of our business.

If approved will I have to pay for services?

No. Marketing, advertising and strategy services are provided free of charge for approved applications.

Are there any requirements for applying?

Yes. The founder submitting the application must own over 10% of the company.

Will Cultural Relevance be taking equity?

Not upfront. We start by taking zero equity until 1 year after working with you on growing your brand. After the first year Cultural Relevance will execute our agreed right to purchase equity.

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