The Cultural Relevance Agency

Pioneers of Cultural Relevance Marketing

Our Mission

At Cultural Relevance, we open the doors to creating great relationships with multicultural consumers and the brands they love.

What We Do

Full-Service Marketing Agency

Our experts at work for you.

  • Digital Advertising – Instagram, Amazon, Google, etc.
  • eCommerce Strategy – Google Shopping, Amazon Seller and Shopify.
  • Content Creation – social media, logos and packaging design.


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Growth Training

A digital growth marketing training course.

  • 3 week training on how-to get new clients and sales with digital ads.
  • Get results in 2-3 weeks versus 3-5 months waiting on an agency.
  • Certificates of completion, quizzes and expert coaching.


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Our Story

Cultural Relevance was launched after our founder, Jahmorly Reynolds was running the digital marketing for Bob Marley’s son’s KayaFest to raise awareness of the medical benefits of cannabis.

Two days before KayaFest the famed controversial Kendall Jenner and Pepsi commercial was released and the social media backlash almost resulted in the derailment of KayaFest due to the Marley’s song used in the Pepsi commercial.

Jahmorly then launched MOGUL Studios to help companies navigate engaging multicultural consumers. To better serve the creative needs of premium brands, MOGUL Studios created the Cultural Relevance agency.