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Digital Marketing Agency for Luxury Brands & Retailers

Unlock the explosive growth of the affluent multicultural customer with expertly tailored sales funnels, ad campaigns and exclusive marketing channels only Cultural Relevance can deliver.


Luxury + Cultural Relevance = Sales

Our focus on affluent multicultural consumers propels our capabilities beyond traditional e-commerce management agencies and positions us to deliver results for hoteliers, jewelers, and other bespoke retailers.

Consumers who perceive ads as culturally relevant, compared to those who do not, are:

  • 1.5x more likely to learn more about the brand;
  • 2.8x more likely to recommend the brand to others;
  • 3x more likely to find the ad relevant to them;
  • 2.7x more likely to purchase a brand for the first time;
  • 50% more likely to repurchase a brand they have bought in the past.


“I have worked with Cultural Relevance on multiple projects and I could not have asked for a more talented team for my projects.”

-Hope Wiseman

Our Services

Google Shopping Optimization

Google Shopping is still the most effective advertising option for ecommerce stores looking for the best ROI on PPC ads. Our team will manage your Adwords and Google Shopping advertising campaigns to ensure you are bidding on the most profitable keywords that leads to sales.


Google Ads & Shopping Services:

  • Google SEO Search Listing
  • Data Feed Optimization
  • Shopping Campaign Optimization
  • Google Adwords Manager
  • Google Optimize and Analytics Tracking

Luxury Google Shopping Marketing Experts

Amazon Seller Marketing

The growth of Amazon is undeniable, however, the pressing concern of counterfeits, price wars and Amazon’s own private labeling is a concern for premium brands.

The Cultural Relevance team will consult with your team to craft the perfect balance of maintaining your brands premium image, while taking advantage of the power of the Amazon marketplace.


Amazon Marketing Services:

  • Amazon Top Seller & Competition Research
  • Seller Central Management
  • Amazon Advertising Management
  • Premium Brand Strategy
  • Counterfeit Removal
  • Amazon Listing Optimization

Amazon Shopping Marketing Experts

Our Work Elevates

Cultural Relevance is a full-service branding and digital creative agency with a focus on helping multicultural brands break records, create history and become world class leaders through visually-rich solutions.

Growth Tools

Build lasting relationships with multi-cultural consumers by leveraging our media network, influencers and apps built to grow your brand.

Sell on Marketplaces

Sell directly to affluent multi-cultural audiences


Launch new products and build engaging shopping experiences with the Mogul Rack marketplace.

Included Services:


Launch your products during our Facebook & Youtube live-streams.

Marketing Campaigns

Get access to sellers-only interactive marketing campaigns.

Pop-Up Shops

Have your products physically on sale at our pop-up shops.

VIP Communities

Connect with members-only clubs of entrepreneurs, creative pros and more


Have your products promoted at our networking events, conferences, private dinners, and lifestyle experiences.

Included Services:

Event Sponsorship

Have your brand featured at our private events, getaways, and more.

Trials & Product Testing

Send samples to premium audiences with disposable income.

Talent Recruitment

Recruit top talent from our vip club network.

Self-Serve Advertising

Advertise where affluent multi-culturals get their news & entertainment


Advertise to readers who need your products to improve their lives.


Tap into our curated audiences on Instagram, Twitter and more. Organically reach receptive audiences with reviews, contests and more.

Podcasts & Digital Shows

Podcasts and digital shows are a hit. Take advantage of this trend today.


  • 85%
    College Grads
  • $91K+
    Median Income
  • 93%
    Ages 25-55
  • 65%

Included Services:

Sponsored Content

Partnerships and endorsements with influencers that deliver conversions.

Product Reviews

Reviews that build brand awareness & customer feedback.

Podcasts Ads

Target podcast listeners with our well produced podcasts.

Influencer Marketing

Gain immediate sales, brand awareness and credibility with influencer marketing.


In an ad-weary world, only trusted influencers are your best bet at delivering your message to customers.

We work with a network of vetted influencers and will manage your entire influencer campaigns, including; casting, budgeting and monthly reporting.

Included Services:

Contests & Giveaways

Have influencers create brand awareness with giveaways.

Product Reviews

Create a media-blitz with co-ordinated sponsored reviews.

Event Appearances

Influencers can 3x sales, as well as, create memorable content.

Production Studios

We shape visually-rich storytelling and growth strategies through cinematic video production, organic imagery and realistic CGI mockups.

We shoot 4k and 6K Netflix ready content using RED, ARRI Alexa and BlackMagic Design cameras to ensure your content is acceptable from Youtube to the movie theatre.

Video Production

  • Commercials
  • LIVE Streams
  • Courses
  • Digital Shows

Content Creation

  • Product Photos
  • CGI Mockups
  • Animation
  • Illustration


  • Web Design
  • Mobile Apps
  • Product Launch
  • Shopify Stores