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Selling premium products is complicated.
We’re the e-commerce firm that can help!

The shopping habit of the Modern Affluent is completely different compared to older generations; they love their suits and heels, but would rather wear sweats daily, they are successful but not driven by profit. We help you sell more by speaking the language that motivates them to buy.

Amazon Seller Marketing

Cultural Relevance offers the perfect balance of still maintaining your brands premium image, while taking advantage of the power of the Amazon marketplace.

  • Amazon Advertising (AMS)
  • Seller Central Management
  • Off-Amazon Strategy
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Content Copywriting

Amazon Shopping Marketing Experts

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping is still the most effective advertising option for eCommerce brands looking for the best ROI. We will help you master your Adwords and Shopping advertising campaigns for bidding on the most profitable keywords and top positions in search traffic.

  • CPC, CPM Management
  • Google Shopping Placement
  • Product Descriptions

Luxury Google Shopping Marketing Experts

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