Get introduced to investors.

Get your seed round in front of top investors and receive personal intros to our network.

How it Works

1. Apply for Growth Capital

When applications are open, we'll ask you to tell us about your company.

2. We review applications

50 startups are chosen by our selection board. Each startup can opt for 1:1 pitch feedback from a top investor or founder.

3. We share your startup with 500+ investors

We’ll share the 50 Raise startups with investors in our network.

3. Connect with VCs

If an investor is interested in learning more about your startup, we’ll make a personal introduction. You can also pick investors you want to meet. Your deck will remain available to investors for two months after applying.

Common Questions

Does support end after the accelerator period?

No. Free services might end, however, you’re now apart of the family and we will support you through the entire evolution of your growth.

Can I come to the office?

Office visits are usually reserved for client meetings and training. We like to keep the office closed to the general public.

Do I need to incorporate before applying?

No. Come just as you are!

Is a NDA involved?

No. In rare cases involving disclosing patented information an NDA might be signed. However, in most general purpose cases we will not sign one due to the nature of our business.

If approved will I have to pay for services?

No. Marketing, advertising and strategy services are provided free of charge for approved applications.

Are there any requirements for applying?

Yes. The founder submitting the application must own over 10% of the company.

Will Cultural Relevance be taking equity?

Not upfront. We start by taking zero equity until 1 year after working with you on growing your brand. After the first year Cultural Relevance will execute our agreed right to purchase equity.