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Build Business Credit with a CR NET 30 Account

Unlock your business potential with our Business Credit Accounts tailored to growing business credit for startups. Enjoy the flexibility of paying later for the website, app, and other marketing services while building your business credit.

Easy Approval

No fuss, just apply for an account to get going.

Service Now, Pay Later

Get your website, app or marketing started today and pay later.

0% Interest

Never worry about paying interest.


  • 01Fill out our simple application in minutes with no impact to your credit.
  • 02One of our funding managers will reach out to learn your business’s unique needs.
  • 03Cultural Relevance will then provide you with access to your own NET-30 account and login access.
  • 04Purchase the services you need and start paying 30 days after.

What is CR Net 30?

Cultural Relevance provides digital marketing services, management consulting solutions for businesses and non-profits across various industries.

Our business credit program ensures you can access the digital marketing and consulting services and start paying 30 days after while establishing business credit accounts that are reported to multiple commercial credit reporting agencies.

Tailored for both new and early-stage businesses utilizing only their Tax ID, our business credit account is ideal for those in the initial phases of building business credit. 

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Apply for a net-30 Business Credit Builder account

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CR - Growth Capital Inquiry

GET OUR SERVICES today, pay 30 DAYS later.

Marketing &

  • Brand Guidelines (logos, merch design, fonts, etc)
  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Digital Advertising (Facebook, Google, TikTok)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Out-of-Home Advertising (Billboards, Bus, Events)
  • Social Media Marketing

Content &

  • Photo and Video Production
  • Podcasts Recording
  • InBound Marketing (blogs, testimonials, etc)
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Copywriting
  • Product Placements

Strategy &

  • Business Development
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Growth Hacking
  • Big-Box Retail Partnerships

Product &
Customer Experiences

  • User Interface Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Product Prototyping
  • Customer Journey Optimization

What is growth capital?

Growth capital allows businesses to access funding to cover invoices for revenue generating business activities such as; marketing, freelancers, inventory, agency fees, etc.

How does the application process work?

  1. Fill out the application to tell us about your needs.
  2. Our team reviews your application and meets with you within 48 hours with a quote.
  3. Upon approval you will be able to send your invoices for approval for payment.
  4. Once your invoices are approved you can have us pay the invoice or request the money.
  5. You will recieve a repayment schedule.
  6. Pay your invoices and build your reputation with us.

How much funding am I able to recieve?

Your funding options are based on your sales, business history and ability to repay. Our funding usually ranges from $5000-$250,000.

As you develop a relationship with us you will be able to grow your relationship and funding options.

Are they any fees?

As with any loan there is a cost for access to capital. You will be informed after your application and your invoices has been submitted for approval.

How does growth capital work?

You will be able to submit invoices related to your business that our team will review for approval. If your invoice is approved you will recieve a time-line for repayment.



When will my invoices get paid?

After your invoice has been sent over to our team and approved, the payment will be made within 72 hours from the approval. Please submit your invoices within 3-7 days before the due-date to ensure enough time to process the payment.

Typical wire transaction time-line:

  • Domestic wires/ACH: approximately 0-2 business days
  • For international wires: approximately 0-3 business days

What type of invoices and business expenses you fund?

We primarily fund invoices for ad campaigns, logistics, professional services, payroll, and other revenue generation activities. You will be able to talk with our team to find out more after you have submitted your application.

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