Avoid Embarrassing Marketing Mistakes with a Culture Marketing Specialist

Change or die isn’t just for dinosaurs. The hard fact is that 100% of US population growth is multicultural, yet many brands don’t have a cultural strategy for the multicultural consumer who research has shown ignores traditional advertising and marketing campaigns.

We Help Avoid Multi-Million Mistakes

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Adopt or Be Left Behind

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A Culture Marketing Specialist is the Solution

Cultural Relevance Marketing is the Answer for Growth!

The research has concluded that Cultural Relevance Marketing is the answer for revenue and brand loyalty growth in a world where mass advertising just doesn’t work anymore. A culture marketing expert is your best bet at engage the diverse multicultural customer of today.

Culturally-relevant ads are a key driver of brand affinity and purchase intent. Consumers who perceive ads as culturally relevant, compared to those who do not, are:

more likely to purchase a brand for the first time
more likely to find the ad relevant to them
more likely to recommend the brand to others
of purchase decisions are led by cultural relevance

Why Cultural Relevance?

Cultural Relevance was founded after our founder, Jahmorly Reynolds was running the digital marketing for Bob Marley’s son’s KayaFest to raise awareness of the medical benefits of cannabis.

Two days before KayaFest the famed controversial Kendall Jenner and Pepsi commercial was released and the social media backlash almost resulted in the derailment of KayaFest due to the Marley’s song used in the Pepsi commercial.

Jahmorly then teamed up with Kimberley Chinemana and Brooke Smith to launch MOGUL Studios to help companies navigate engaging multicultural consumers. Cultural Relevance is a subsidiary of MOGUL Studios designed to serve the creative services and employee training needs of clients.

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